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Horrified is a multiplayer horror action game. This game is full of fun. Play online with your friends, make a perfect team and defeat your enemies. Enjoy different game modes, explore various places for hiding to escape from killers.
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Horrorfield is one of the most horror online action games, which was developed by Skytec Games and released recently. How scary this game can be, you can guess from the name of this game, and if I say Horrorfield is the king of horror games, I mean it because this game is super fun to play.

If you are into the best horror games, then Horrorfield MOD APK is the best option, to be honest. You will enjoy every scariest and thrilling moment and have so much fun, especially when you’re hiding from psychopath murderers and seeking victims.

Select your preferred player. Each player has unique abilities and skills. Make the team, rescue the people from killers. If you want to experience the pleasure of this game, download Horrorfield MOD APK All Characters and Unlimited Money 2022 latest version free for your android. You can also try this action game Bullet Echo MOD APK.

We will have discussed the features of this game so you can understand Horrorfield game is one of the best horror-action games that I liked so much. So play this wonderful game and start enjoying the scariest and deadliest graphics.

horrorfield mod apk unlimited money all characters latest version 2022

Key Features of Horrorfield:

  • Play online with your friends and other players from the globe in real-time
  • Different interesting and engaging modes
  • Different characters with unique skills and abilities
  • Upgrade and level up your characters with tactics
  • Craft a perfect team to save your friends from serial killers
  • Escape from deadly serial killers and be a survivor
  • Fix generators and rescue other gamers before escaping through the gates
  • Explore different traps and hiding places
  • Find your victims by their bloody footsteps and treat them as you want
  • Repair and unlock the items
  • Enjoy 4v1 multiplayer horror mechanics
  • Simple and easy in-game controls
  • Amazing graphics with a realistic mechanism


The gameplay of Horrorfield is full of excitement. As you know this is a horror game that makes you scared. You play as a survivor to escape or a killer to find the survivors. Both modes have different roles, so you won’t ever get bored.

horrorfield mod apk download

Survival Mod

When you play as a survivor, you hide from killers by using different skillful characters and rescue your friends silently. However, if you make some noise or do something nonsense, he will find you and kill you. So you need to be more conscious.

There are 7 different Heroes available in Horrorfield to pick in survival mode. Jack, Mary, Gary, Lina, Marcus, Phil and Charlie. Each of them has its own unique skills and abilities. 

horrorfield mod apk all characters unlocked

Jack is a basketball player who can run faster than others. Mary is the doctor who can heal herself and the other players.

Gary is a skillful engineer. He can easily craft the needed items and can repair the generators when the killers damage them. Lina is a sharp thief. She can do her work stealthy and hide incredibly.  

Marcus is a brave soldier, a fearless, strong man. Philip is an intelligent scientist. He can upgrade military items. Charlie is the police officer who has the ability to catch the killers.  

During the game, you also get a lot of hints. For example, when getting near to the killer, your heart beats faster. You also have a compass and a first aid kit. Every player will give you different gameplay, and I must say that you should try all of them.

Horrorfield game starts with Jack, and you have only one player. All other characters are locked in the starting. You need to play the game and pass certain levels in order to unlock all characters. After that, keep playing and leveling up each of your characters together with their abilities and weapons. 

Killer Mode

In the killer mode, you chase the survivors, catch and kill them. You’re playing as a killer who is looking for victims that are previously discussed characters. It’s time to scare them all.

There are 4 killers available to choose from to play as a killer in Horrorfield. Butcher, Cultist, Phantom and Beast. All these are locked when you start the game. Reach level 5 to play as a Butcher. Level 11 for Cultist, 17 for Phantom and level 19 for Beast. Play this game and level up to unlock all the characters.

horrorfield mod apk all characters unlimited money

The game is full of fun and has terrific stunning graphics and excellent 2D mechanics that remind you of dead daylight. Intensifying moments and horrible sounds while playing this game are very realistic and this gives you never-ending gameplay.

So, you can judge for yourself how much fun the Horrorfield game has, which gives you a horrible dramatic environment. However, the graphics are very realistic and beautiful. Play with each character with your friends and enjoy.

Horrorfield MOD APK (All Character Unlocked/Unlimited Money):

When you start playing this game, normally you have only one character. All others are locked. To get them unlocked you need to play and pass the levels. If you want to enjoy the game without having difficulty or waiting for the full gameplay, then download Horrorfield MOD APK to get unlimited everything. 

With this Horrorfield MOD, you will get all characters unlocked and unlimited money to upgrade your characters. So, download Horrorfield MOD APK right now to defeat your enemies and be an unchaseable hero.

How to Install?

It is very easy to download and install Horrorfield MOD APK free on your device. The procedure is very easy and involves the following steps;

  1. Click the ‘download’ button and wait for the Horrorfield Apk file to be there on your smartphone
  2. Next, go to the Settings →  then → SecurityUnknown Sources
  3. If not enabled, then turn on permission for installing third-party apps
  4. Now go back and click to open the Horrorfield Apk file for the installation


Can I play the multiplayer mode in Horrorfield?

Yes obviously, Horrorfield is a multiplayer game that has 4v1 mode. So you can easily play with your friends from all over the world.

Is Horrorfield free to download?

Yes, you can download it for free

How to unlock Charlie?

Reach level 6 to unlock him


As you know, Horrorfield is a horror mechanic game. It has scary graphics that give you epic jump scares on every moment. Be conscious and keep control of your heartbeat because killers can easily find you when it becomes high and you will get killed by them. Hide from a psycho killer by using skills and strategies and not get caught at any cost.

You will never feel bored when you play this scary game, and sooner you will get addicted to this game.

Horrorfield game is also available to download for PC to play. So, download Horrorfield MOD APK Unlimited Money, Unlocked all characters for free. I also recommend you to play Skullgirls MOD APK and enjoy the versus mode.

If you have any query leave the comment below. I will answer your question. Enjoy.

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